The Cost of a Funeral or Cremation

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the median cost for a traditional funeral in the United States was around $7,181 in 2014 (This includes basic services of the funeral home, embalming, visitation, a funeral service, hearse and car rental, and a basic metal casket). However, this cost is only for the service. It does […]

What To To If You Miss a Life Insurance Premium And How To Avoid It

When You Miss A Life Insurance Monthly Payment Missing a life insurance payment happens for many reasons, sudden unemployment, disability, forgetfulness, banking errors or many other reasons. Do your best to pay your premiums when they are due to avoid costly replacement of insurance or a lapse in coverage. But if you miss a monthly life insurance […]

Life Insurance Planning Tips for New Parents

If you are having your first baby you may be thinking about life insurance for the first time but all expecting parents should review this checklist to make sure their life insurance policy protects all their loved ones. Life insurance is all about planning so take some time, sit down and think about the following. […]

The Important Tax Difference Between Term Life and Whole Life Policies

Buying the right life insurance policy as part of an effective estate tax strategy can be a tricky task. Many policies do not provide for future tax savings and it is not unusual to find that the benefits of a policy do not match up at all with expectations. A timely review of your policy […]

Life Insurance And a Stay At Home Parent

The typical life insurance policy is taken on the breadwinner of the family and while it may be old fashioned, there are still families with a stay at home parent. Should this parent also be covered with a life insurance policy? There may not seem to be any value in covering a stay at home […]

Travel Life Insurance – To Buy or Not to Buy

I recently was asked some questions by a reader about short term travel life insurance.  He was looking at term life insurance quotes and noticed that there is a big difference in cost between short term travel insurance and longer term life insurance. The situation included a guy and his girlfriend who were planning on […]

How to Get Free Life Insurance

How can you get free life insurance?  This might sound like a silly question, but would you be surprised if I told you that you actually CAN get free life insurance? The most common method of obtaining free life insurance is through your employer sponsored group insurance plan.  Many employees aren’t aware that their employer […]

Life Insurance Companies – Making Sense of Ratings

When evaluating life insurance companies to purchase life insurance, the standard protocol is to utilize one or more of the rating agencies that rate their financial-strength and soundness.  Although their are 5 such agencies utilized in the life insurance industry, their ratings are not always easy to interpret and the lack of standardization of ratings […]

Life and Health Insurance – 5 Steps to Calculating Life Insurance Needs

Life and Health Insurance can be confusing subjects.  There are many decisions to be made when considering life and health insurance.  First of all, one must first choose the type of insurance.  When considering life insurance coverage, there are a myriad of choices and the question is what type is best?  Level term, decreasing term, […]

What is a Life Insurance Annuity?

There is much confusion regarding life insurance annuities so let’s see if I can clear the air.  First of all, a life insurance annuity is always offered through a life insurance company.  Life insurance companies follow a unique set of tax laws allowing annuities to be “tax deferred”.  Tax deferral means that you do not […]