Midland National Life Insurance Company




One Sammons Plaza, , Sioux Falls, SD, 57193 ,



Company Profile

Midland National is one of the leading insurance companies in the U.S. Throughout the company’s history, Midland National has enjoyed steady growth, stability, and industry success. As a provider of financial stability, an essential part of continuing our enduring history is our broad product portfolio of life insurance and fixed annuities designed to fit individual needs. The basis of our strength comes from our focus on long-term, sustained growth, coupled with the outstanding achievements of our agents, distribution partners and employees. We have an obligation to earn the trust of all of those who depend on us for their financial security and that obligation motivates us every day.


LIC Review

Their term life insurance consistently ranks in the top 25 according to the Life Insurance Companies Value Index. Therefore, their term policies generally represent an excellent value to consumers.

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