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Company Profile

Royal Neighbors is not an ordinary insurance firm. Since 1895, we have held true to our mission to support women and those they care about by offering opportunities that other companies don’t. Our members receive competitive coverage, member benefits such as scholarships, disaster aid, health discounts, and the opportunity to volunteer and give back to their communities. The unique mission of giving back resonates with women of all ages.

Our competitively priced life insurance and annuity products give you options to reach your financial goals depending on your needs. You can select from products designed to help you retain wealth, add to your retirement or other savings, supplement your income, and plan for final expenses.

Our product line includes:
Whole Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance
Fixed Annuities
Medicare Supplement Insurance


Today, Royal Neighbors has more than 215,000 members across the nation volunteering in their communities through our chapter system. In the last 40 years alone our members have given $350 million in time and talent to their communities.

LIC Review

It's interesting that Royal Neighbors of America was originally founded specifically to serve the needs of women. As a Fraternal Organization, Royal Neighbors of America is a non-profit community based organization that offers life insurance. Currently their term life insurance ranks number 7 according to the Life Insurance Companies Value Index. Therefore, their term policies generally represent a superior value to consumers. Royal Neighbors of America ranked number nine in 2012 on the LIC Value Index.

From Around The Web

Don’t be fooled by the name. Royal Neighbors of America is not referring to Canadians. The company, a not-for-profit fraternal benefit society established in 1895, is all-American. Formed to offer affordable life insurance to US women, who were largely excluded from the life insurance market of the time, today Royal Neighbors sells traditional life insurance products and annuities to both men and women. Its 250,000 policyholders benefit from a number of other membership privileges, including scholarship opportunities and fraternal aid in the wake of illness or disaster. In addition to life insurance, the organization sells Medicare supplemental insurance.

Chairman: Sister Francis Clare Radke
President, CEO, and Director: Cynthia Tidwell
COO: Chris Seistrup

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