Business Life Insurance – A Buy-Sell Agreement for Small Business

Traditionally, we think of life insurance companies and what they offer in pretty simple terms – i.e. the insured owns a life insurance policy and names a spouse or loved one as the beneficiary.  When the insured passes away, the beneficiary receives the proceeds.  Simple as that… Now let’s take a look at one way […]

How to Shop Online for Life Insurance

With the growing popularity of the internet and smart phones allowing us to shop online, there are an increasing number of businesses seeking to provide information, goods, or services.  Searching for your next life insurance policy is no exception.  It is important for you to know just what kinds of online companies can help you […]

Buying Life Insurance Coverage for Same Sex Couples

With the presidential elections on the horizon, domestic partnerships and homosexual marriage have been a popular subject of news lately.  There are many questions about whether or not one can purchase life insurance coverage and name their same sex partner as a beneficiary. With regards to life insurance coverage, the operative term when it comes […]

Life Insurance Questions – Viaticals and Life Settlements

Question:  I recently heard about a company that buys life insurance policies.  I am in the process of selling my business and won’t need my life insurance policy any longer.  Is it possible to sell it?  Wynn – Breckenridge, Colorado Dear Wynn:  Generally, there are two types of arrangements whereby a company buys a life […]