LIC Value Index

The LIC Value Index is a number assigned to life insurance companies based on their overall value.  The higher the score the better value.  Overall value is defined as the lowest premium policy for a range of hypothetical situations.  The LIC Value Index consists of a sampling of quotes from all available companies.

To calculate the index, we take a broad sampling of consumers including male/female of various ages and health status, smokers/non-smokers, multiple states, and different face amounts of insurance.  A  proprietary LIC ranking/value system is applied to the findings.  We then add up the total value scores.  The companies with the highest value scores rank the highest on the LIC Value Index and provide the best overall value for consumers.

The LIC Value Index may change regularly based on adjustments in premiums by individual life insurance companies.  For the most up-to-date information, check back regularly.